Wine Notes from Denny Wang

These notes are compiled and organized for sharing with fellow wine enthusiasts. A lot of them reflect the personal opinion of one or more persons. Opinions, comments and even criticisms are meant to be constructive and informative. In case any of these come across as offensive or detrimental to your enjoyment and appreciation of wine as a worthy hobby, please write us via quoting the URL or the title of the article.

Wine tasting is a personal and often subjective exercise. Yats Wine Cellars encourages individuals to indulge in the pleasure of articulating their personal experiences each time an interesting bottle of wine is enjoyed either over a dinner in a restaurant, with family and friends at home watching TV or while attending a wine tasting. It is through talking about wine that one hones one’s discerning wine-tasting palate, although one should be cautioned against over analyzing wine or attempting to apply mathematics and the strict discipline of science into this art form. Having said that, there are really no rules on how one should enjoy and appreciate wine. More often than not, it is really interesting to listen to comments from fellow wine lovers. So, please share your experience. Tell us about the wines you drank last week or even last night.

At Yats Wine Cellars we believe that a little bit of knowledge in wine goes a long way to developing expectations in the wines we choose to buy or drink. Without expectation, it is difficult to really enjoy wine to its fullest. With this in mind, efforts are made by Yats Wine Cellars to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for our clients to learn more about wine.

The web site of Yats Wine Cellars contain a wealth of information about wine, news and happenings in wine, topics to do with the lifestyle of wine as well as wine appreciation. The public wine tastings held by Yats Wine Cellars in Manila, Angeles, Subic and Clark Philippines have a common hidden agenda which is to help participants learn more about wine through comparative wine tasting. This holds true for the wine dinners and even the private wine parties organized by Yats Wine Cellars.