Dining in Hong Kong SOHO at Craftsteak Restaurant

Stargazing aside, dining in Hong Kong doesn’t have to max out your credit cards overnight. SOHO, above the famed Lan Kwai Fong, continues to offer good dining options at earthly prices. Moreover, 9 out of 10 boutique restaurants serve up fairly interesting dishes worthy of focused appreciation. But Craftsteak restaurant, sadly is not one of them. This one is quite ordinary and that’s not because it is decidedly Australian or the fact that they would decorate the walls with mediocre Aussie wines. Their problem is that they are on a street filled with really nice boutique restaurants. At lunch, every single one of them offers a prix fixe menu for HK$100-120, so it really just boils down to culinary excellence. Less critical perhaps is the price of wine. Craftsteak charges some HK$70 for a glass of Prosecco or an Australian Shiraz. That’s 60% of the price of the food for lunch. The fact that the selection is equally uninspiring doesn’t help much. Sorry, but for this one, I’ll give it a pass net time around, if their doors are still open then.

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