Ch Leoville Las Cases 1970 in Philippines

For practically no reasons at all other than the fact that I was on a staycation in town, I opened this 1970 Leoville Las Cases. With already fairly high expectations, I was nevertheless mildly overwhelmed by the pleasures this bottle offered. Imagine me on a witness stand, bombarded by a good-for-nothing lawyer who simply would not let me answer any question with more than one lousy word, my best answer to his question “how would you characterize this wine?” can only be “moreish”. By sundown, the bottle was empty, and at least one person in the hotel room was a happy camper. Those of you with Leoville Las Cases in your possession, in the wine ref, in the cellar or underneath the king-size bed, I beg you to take good care of them. They will grow up to make you proud and reward you with immense joy in due course.

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