Vertical Tasting of Chateau Haut-Brion in Manila, Philippines

Can’t remember empty three bottles of Chateau Haut-Brion in one evening and it wasn’t even a complete evening at that. At 3:30pm on what was really just another ordinary Monday, the 2000, 1982 and 1966 Chateau Haut-Brion were unceremonious opened, Eric and I with the pleasure of the company of four wine-loving friends tasted all three side by side, and here is my personal notes on the wine: all three were unquestionably top-shelf and the elite stature of the wine came through loud and clear in the glass. 2000 was unusually firm for an Haut-Brion but very eager to please even now. 1982 is Parker true to form, voluptuous, spicy – distinctly minty on the nose – and ripe with rich flavors, certainly a crowd pleaser. The 1966 was a page from the old classics, written in a language that one hardly comes across in modern times, subtle, smooth as silk, no signs of oxidation or decline. It was no longer the fleshy blockbuster it probably was once but still perfectly balanced. The three Haut-Brions gave us three different life stories, all glorious no doubt but nevertheless drastically dissimilar, not an unwelcome thing at all. But one word aptly describes all three giants – moreish. Although burdened and handicapped by colds, I couldn’t keep my hands off the glass (and the decanter also). I am sure I was swerving badly when I left. But my memory of the experience was and still is, steady as ever.

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