YATS Wine Cellars is a wholly-owned business unit of YATS International, a group of company based in the Philippines engaged in the business of hospitality, food and beverage and lifestyle products. This Philippines wine distributor is also a well regarded importer of wines in the Philippines

Our Mission

Wines of YATS are all about three things:

  1. Relinquishing control to the consumer so that all of us can enjoy the freedom (and the fun) of choice,
  2. Eliminating or at least minimizing the hurdles – intimidation, financial costs and frustrations to name a few – that wine lovers have to overcome before we can broaden our discovery and exploration of wine, and
  3. Feeding accurate and unbiased information to wine enthusiasts so we can acquire sufficient knowledge to establish our independent expectations.

Our Policy

YATS is not like other wine importers and wholesalers. YATS is not bound to any brand or wine maker.  It has been and will always be extremely important in YATS to act for the consumers and not for the vendors.  To this end, YATS will sell any wine that it honestly deems to benefit the wine loving community in one or more of the three ways mentioned above.  The result of this policy is a wide spectrum of wines from hundreds of domains, Chateaux and negociants, all for the singular purpose of satisfying the unpredictable whims and indulgences of the wine lovers.

Our Vintages

Since 2000, YATS has plugged a hole in the market for wine lovers seeking matured vintages.  Today YATS remains the best source for fine vintage wines of all ages.  In fact the selection of vintages in the 60’s through the 90s is second to none in Asia.  Prices for these rare old vintages average to around US$50 to 500 except for the big names of course.

Venues for Discoveries

Regular wine tastings are held both in Manila and in our home-base, Clark.  These are ticketed events, meaning that having paid the modest price for a ticket, the participant is entitled to an evening of enjoyment of wine, free from irritations pressed upon them by wine salesmen.  These events are not “sponsored”.  The line-up of wines are for one and only one purpose – to facilitate the discovery of new preferences through the exploration of new wines that are still not familiar to the participants.  As the cost of a ticket is quite small compared to the cost of the bottles available for tasting, this is for sure one of the most cost effective way to sample and savor fine vintage wines.

Our wines

From the familiar Bordeaux and Napa Valley Varietals to the more-difficult-to-find vintage Burgundy, Condrieu, Chateau Grillet and other small appellations, YATS offer a balanced selection of all sorts of fine vintage wines to make it possible for the wine shopper to really indulge in this delightful hobby.  One might say YATS takes off where the supermarkets and wine shops left off.