Vintage Beer

This wine shop in Angeles Clark Philippines is also renowned for a very unique product called Vintage Beer which many characterize as “Champagne beer” because it comes in a bottle with a Champagne stopper and metal restrainer. Vintage beers are top-of-the-line luxury beers bottle-conditioned for a slow fermentation to take place inside the bottle, a process that is very similar to Champagne which is designed to not only create the bubbles but also for an amazing complexity and depth of flavors.


Name Vintage Price Format
Don De Dieu 2005 P941 750 ml
Edition 2005 P941 750 ml
Fringante 2005 P941 750 ml
La Fin Du Monde 2005 P941 750 ml
Maudite 2005 P941 750 ml
Terrible 10.5% P941 750 ml
Edition 2004 10.5% P941 750 ml

Vintage beers are only available at Yats Wine Cellars’ wine shops, wine bars, Yats Restaurant and other affiliated outlets.