2009 Fixin, Aegerter

This red wine from Fixin produced by Aegerter is a very nice red wine from Burgundy’s Côte-de-Nuits region. 2009 is a highly revered vintage in France, many consider to equal if not surpass or as good as 2005.

The 2009 Fixin, Aegerter is one of the many selections of fine vintage wines from Burgundy that are now available at Clark Wine Center and other wine outlets of Yats Wine Cellars in Manila.
This bottle of Fixin has a pale garnet color that shows a little ageing. Its nose is mostly of red berries: raspberries provide the main fruit with cranberries and sour cherries as supporting stars. Unlike New World Pinots, this has a Burgundian complexity that brings to mind some herbal aromas and flavors such as mugwort and cassia. Sweet spices round up the flavor with hints of cloves and cassia. It has medium acidity and a medium body. A year has improved he perfumed characteristic dramatically, and has no signs of slowing down its bottle development. Tannins are fine grained. This bottle can definitely still age. Definitely a good buy for a Burgundy from the Cote de Nuits.

History: Strangely, the Fixin AOC was created in 1936. Despite this early inception, much wine is still sold as Côte de Nuits-Villages, considering the fact that Fixin still has yet to gain a reputable name for itself. As the world economic recession continues, however, it’s possible that Fixin’s values might become more appealing, for those who favor Côte de Nuits wines but can no longer afford the steep prices.

Climate and Viticulture: Surprisingly, the villages of Fixin and Brochon are located very close to Gevrey-Chambertin itself. That village, with its record-shattering 9 Grands Crus and dozens of famous Premiers Crus, doesn’t appear to be very different from Fixin and Brochon. However, the fact is that the Fixin soil is rather unsophisticated, with some of the sandy stuff being downright unpleasant. But increasingly good wines from Premiers Crus indicate that there’s a lot of potential to be tapped here still.

Tasting notes: masculine yet delicate, its tannic structure makes it a worthy partner for good cuts of meat such as braised pork, beef rib steak with parsley, or poultry stews including their Indian variants (curry, tandoori). However, the delicacy of its aromas and of its finish also make it a candidate for more inventive combinations such as paella, tapas, or spring-rolls. As far as cheese is concerned, it suits the delicacy of a Chaource, the lusciousness of a Comté, or the strong flavours of an Époisses.

Price for the 2009 Fixin, Aegerter red wine is Php 2,400 a bottle, available at Clark Wine Center and other wine outlets of Yats Wine Cellars in Manila.

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