2013 Chablis Les Opales, Aegerter

This white wine from Jean-Luc Aegerter is a a refreshing wine from Burgundy’s Chablis region. Enjoy this 2013 Chablis fairly young to get the full refreshing acidity it offers or let it age to enjoy a more complex bouquet.

The 2013 Chablis, Les Opales, Aegerter is one of the many selections of fine vintage wines from Burgundy that are now available at Clark Wine Center and other wine outlets of Yats Wine Cellars in Manila.

History: 2013 Chablis Les Opales, [sku number D3-1131-2013-R],is one of the oldest wine regions of France, with the first vineyards being established by the Romans.During the 15th century, the vineyards were attacked by the Huguenots causing a lot of damage. The area only recovered in the 18th century but again faced destruction in the form of the little Ice Age, freezing most vines, and then in the form of phylloxera, killing the ungrafted vines. It has only recovered in the 20th century but it has lost its foothold in the monopoly of wines in the Parisienne area due to the development of the railways.Nowadays, Chablis has become a basis for the style of pure Chardonnay wines from colder climates.

Climate and Viticulture: Located in the Northernmost limits of Burgundy, the cold climate makes red wine grapes harder to tend and ripen so Chardonnay is the only grape variety allowed in the production. The soils are made from calciferous chalk from fossilized oysters called Kimmeridgian Clay. This makes thevines produce highly acidic fruits with a certain mineral, (gunflint) note to them. A lot of Chablisienne producers would use stainless steel tanks with no oak to have a pure wine with a varietal character of high acidity.

Tasting notes: This Chablis has a high acidity. It’s aromas are reminiscent of white flowers and orange blossoms backed by greengages and green apples. It has a certain gun flint aroma that others would describe as steely or minerally. Enjoy this Chablis with a nice plate of oysters to cut the ruchness of their flavor and give you freshness. It can also pair well with creamy soups that might be very rich as the acidity would cut the richness.

Price for the 2013 Chablis Les Opales, Aegerter white wine is Php1,900 a bottle, available at Clark Wine Center and other wine outlets of Yats Wine Cellars in Manila.

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