2008 Chateau de Pingoy

This red wine from Chateau de Pingoy is an elegant wine from the Graves of Bordeaux. Bottle ageing has produced softer and riper tannins for this mostly Cabernet wine.

The 2008 Chateau de Pingoy, Graves is one of the many selections of fine vintage wines from Bordeaux that are now available at Clark Wine Center and other wine outlets of Yats Wine Cellars in Manila.

History: Graves is the birthplace of claret, light red wine that made Bordeaux famous in all the courts of Europe. Eleanor of Aquitaine, the wife of Henry II helped develop a trade between the Graves and England making their wines sought after by the upper class. THe Medoc then, was still marshland that wasn’t suitable for viticulture. With the draining ofthe Medoc by the Dutch, the popularity of Graves had a decline. One of the original 1855 Premier Grand Cru Classes of Bordeaux includes Chateau Haut Brion, which is located in the Graves.

Climate and Viticulture: Located to the south of Medoc and to the West of the Garonne, the climate is a mix of maritime and continental. The Garonne brings in heat to the vineyards to avoid spring frosts and helps in the production of the dessert winesin the area. The soil is gravelly and pebbly. The name graves comes from the gravel in the soils here which is preferred by Cabernet Sauvignon. The main grape is Cabernet Sauvignon while Merlot rounds up the blends. Grave wines are known for their smoky finish and sometimes “wet stone” aromas.

Tasting notes: This Graves has a blackfruit backbone with green capsicum notes. Minerallity is similar to that of wet stones on the nose. It finishes with a smoky flavor leaving ripe tannins on the palate. Enjoy with roasted meats and broiled cuts to bring out the smoky flavors that Graves are known for.

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