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Designed for food lovers who are starting to get into wine also, YATS Restaurant has unveiled a 4-course wine-paired dinner menu.

This 4-course wine dinner menu that costs p1, 500/person is a good way to enjoy a fine meal with some classic wine. Here is the menu.

Wine and Dine at Yats Restaurant in Clark Pampanga


Course No. 1:




Course No. 2:

Schweineschnitzel (German Pork Schnitzel)

German White Wine:  2014 Wabmer Riesling Kabinett, Markgräfler vom Kalkstein

A classic German Riesling paired with a classic German dish showcases the synergy that can be achieved by a good marriage of food and wine.  The full-body Riesling does not feel heavy because of fresh acidity in the wine. 



Course No. 3:

Chicken Chasseur

French Red Wine:  1986 Monthelie Club des Grand Vin

This is one of those dishes that can go either way – red or white – for a wine pairing.  The ideal selection here is a matured red wine, a 100% Pinot-Noir Burgundy no less, which provides the right balance of fruit and structure, with some invigorating acidity thrown in for good measures.   Neither one partner dominates the other – the formula for a harmonious marriage.



Course No. 4:

 Beef Shank Osso Buco

Italian Red Wine:  2005 Morellino di Scansano, Azienda Agricola Provveditore,

Chianti and Brunello may be the household words for Tuscany wines but connoisseurs look a little bit further for some of the classic renditions of the coveted Sangiovese grape.   At nearly 15 years old, this wine is ready to debut its beauty and wonderous qualities, refined and elegant, not just a robust pretty wine but one that is complex and layered, a worthy match for the slow-cocked classic Italian dish of Osso Buco.


Philippines Clark Freeport has always been a popular destination for tourists and visiting locals from Manila. During holidays and Festive seasons, Clark Pampanga is the place where families come to relax and unwind in peaceful atmosphere, no traffic, no pollution and no noise to stress everyone out. This year, you can treat yourself, your loved ones and your family to a well-deserved excellent meal at one of the best restaurants restaurant in Pampanga located inside Mimosa Golf Estate of Pampanga’s Clark Freeport Zone called Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge.


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Yats Restaurant

Mimosa Drive past Quest Hotel,

Mimosa Leisure Estate, Clark field,

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Tel: (045) 599-5600

Mobile/SMS: 0917-520-4401

Yats Restaurant in Clark
Yats Restaurant in Clark

Manila Sales Office

3003C East Tower, Phil Stock Exchange Center,

Exchange Road, Ortigas Center,

Metro Manila, Philippines 1605

Tel: (632) 637-5019/ 633-1566 local 128

Mobile/SMS: 0917-520-4393 / 0917-5403626

Wine lovers might be pleased to know that you have come to the right place for a treat. Yats Restaurant is one of 900 restaurants around the world to be given the Best of Awards Of Excellence by lead wine publication “Wine Spectator” for 5 years in a row

Best Restaurant Wine List in Philippines

We look forward to sharing a most enjoyable evening with you in our restaurant in Clark, Pampanga soon!

Yats Restaurant in Clark Philippines

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