Wine Courses in Philippines – Wine Ageing Process by Yats

SYNOPSIS of Wine Course on Wine Ageing Process conducted by Yats Wine Cellars, leading wine supplier in Philippines which is also a pioneer in the field of wine education.

It is often said that what really separates wine from most all other alcoholic beverages is its ability to improve with age.

The word “improve” may not be concise enough to describe the enchanting metamorphic changes in personality and appeal of a fine vintage wines as it traverse the path of time while resting comfortably in a cool dark wine cellar. Wine lovers spare no trouble when scouring for venerable vintage wines often to enjoy with food and frequently just savor them on their own.

To fully enjoy your fine vintage wines it helps to acquire some knowledge of how wines evolve with ageing. Some may be surprised to know that white wines can also evolve with age although not quite matching the longevity of the reds. Wine tasting is about knowing what to look for and appreciating the wine against proper expectations. The appeal of a good wine in its early youth can be drastically different from its charm 10 or 20 years old. It is silly to confine oneself to the enjoyment of wines within just one age group. Expanding one’s spectrum of appreciation is not difficult at all. All it takes is know what to look for.

Philippines’ Leading Wine Importer and Distributor shares bottles of fine vintage wines from its wine cellars in Clark Pampanga with a select group of Manila wine lovers during a Wine Tasting Seminar to be held on Saturday 16th March, 2013. Theme of this wine event is “Appreciating Old Vintage Wines”. This wine event is organized by Oakwood Premier Hotel in Ortigas Manila primarily for the hotel’s valued guests.

Wine Tasting Seminar
Appreciating Fine Vintage Wines
Saturday, 16th March, 2013
Oakwood Premier Hotel
5th Floor Conference Room
Ortigas Center, Metro Manila
Dress Code: Smart Casual

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The wines offered on the lineup for this wine tasting in Ortigas Metro Manila will be grouped by age brackets, namely:

Young: Vintage 2000 to 2011
Matured: Vintage 1986 to 1999
Old: Vintage 1970 to 1985

These rare vintage wines for