Public Wine Event in Manila Ortigas New-World Old-World Comparative Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting Event in Manila Ortigas on Friday 30th November, 2012

Leading supplier of fine vintage wines in the Philippines, Yats Wine Cellars is pleased to announce an upcoming public wine tasting event to be held in the Yats Wine Shop at the lobby of Oakwood Premier Hotel, across the road from ADB in Ortigas.

This event will be held on Friday 30th November, 2012 from 5 to 8pm, dress code is smart casual and business attire. The theme of this event is “a comparative tasting of New-world and Old-World wines”.

Ticket price is php750+VAT.

Snacks prepared by the kitchen of Oakwood Premier Hotel will be served.

This is one of those wine-tasting events that novices and seasoned wine drinkers can enjoy equally. Even for those who don’t drink wine regularly, attending this event might result in their expanding their preferences for alcoholic beverages.

About this wine-tasting event

As with all wine-tastings held by Yats Wine Cellars in the past, the objective is always to offer a convenient and cost-effective opportunity for wine enthusiasts to enhance their knowledge by tasting different kinds of wines side by side. There is nothing more revealing and informative than a comparative tasting of wines in a well designed lineup.

For this upcoming event, Yats Wine Cellars turns your attention to what wine critics have defined as new-world and old-world wines.

Not only will wines from new-world regions be stacked up against their counterparts from so-called old-world regions like France, Italy and Spain, the comparison is examined at two different stages of maturity. Young vintages are stacked up against young vintages and there will be a separate flight to compare more matured versions against each other.

This is one of the most comprehensive studies that is designed to reveal the differences between the two “worlds” not only in styles and tastes but also how they develop with age.

Participants will taste four flights of wines side by side. Two wines are served in each flight, one representing old-world and one for new-world. Wine lovers of all level of sophistication will have no trouble appreciating the differences in styles.

The four flights of wines selected for this wine-tasting session are:

Red Wine – Young Vintage 
Young vintages exude what is referred to as primary aromas and flavors. These wines have not had enough time in the bottle to develop secondary and more complex characteristics. As such they are usually appreciated for their immediate appeal. New-world wines are presumed to be more attractive in youth compared to their old-world counterparts.

Red Wine – Matured Vintage 
Wine is the only alcoholic beverage that improves with age after bottling. It is only natural that wine lovers tend to be exceptionally curious with how these wines develop with age. It is a myth that new-world wines must be drunk young, almost as soon as possible. Likewise it is a myth that all old-world wines get better with age. In general, high-quality wines will benefit with age up to a certain point; that point being different from wine to wine.


White Wine – Young Vintage 
It has been said that white wine is all about style. That is especially true in the case of Chardonnay which wine makers regard as a blank canvass on which they can paint just about any work of art imaginable. One can expect that this might be one area where that much-talked-about difference between new- and old-world wines can be most glaring.

White Wine – Matured Vintage 
It is a little odd that most wine lovers seem to take for granted that white wines should be drunk young and that putting bottles of white wine down in the cellar is a waste of precious storage space or worse, cause the wines to deteriorate with age. Although there is some truth in it especially if we are talking about very mediocre white wines – and the same can be said about mediocre red wines also – good white wines can improve with age just as well, perhaps not for many decades like their red counterparts. Once again, with age comes complexity, primary aromas blend together to form a bouquet on the nose while things become velvety smooth, elegant and distinguished on the palate.

Enjoying the wine tasting event

Guests can arrive anytime during the event and enjoy the tasting at his/her own pace. Each ticket contains five tasting stubs. Each stub corresponds to a kind of wine. Just approach the wine service station and surrender a stub to redeem it for a tasting pour (roughly 55-60ml) of a wine in that group.

Experienced wine drinkers who have attended more than a few of these wine-tasting events often start with lighter wines and end with the ones that full-bodied. Having a sip of water in between tastings can help cleanse the palate to appreciate different set of flavors of the wines in the next glass.

Many participants also enjoy meeting new friends during these wine-tasting events. Some find it a great pleasure to talk to people with similar interests but different experiences in wine. Interesting stories are exchanged and opinions are shared during the tasting.

Snacks are served during the wine tasting event. Guests who plan to dine at the Oakroom Restaurant on the 6th floor of the hotel are advised to make reservations.

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Please click here to see the list of wines planned for this event. Last minute substitutions may be made without further notice.

Thank you very much for your attention. We look forward to enjoying your company at this upcoming wine tasting event in Ortigas.

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Yats Wine Shop at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Ortigas Manila

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