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November 18, 2010

It may seem as if a container would make little difference in the taste of a beverage. When it comes to varietals, the right wine glasses make all the difference. Following are some general rules to help you choose wine glasses that will make the most of your wine tasting experience. Consider your budget. Wine glasses come in a expansive price range. While more expensive brands are made of fine crystal, cheaper versions are just as well suited to deliver a great glass of wine. Take an inventory of your varietals. Glasses that are designed for white wines are made differently than ones designed for reds. Consumers who drink reds exclusively would want to choose the proper designs created for red wine. Get familiar with shapes and sizes of wine glasses. Red wine glasses are usually large with a wide mouth. This allows the aromas to fill your nose. White wine glasses are typically smaller and a little narrower to keep the wine from losing its chill. Include aperitifs and dessert wines. These glasses are much smaller than wine goblets. Consumers who choose to have an assortment of wines and wine glasses do well to add these to their collections. Consider all-purpose wine glasses. These items are ideal for anyone who has limited storage or for the casual drinker. Many manufacturers produce glasses that are designed for both reds and whites.Have fun with trendy stemless wine glasses but remember that these goblets miss a major aspect of stemware. Wine needs to be served at a certain range of temperatures. Holding the wine glasses by the bowl will heat the contents, changing the flavor of the wine. Purchase wine glasses that have clean, simple designs. Ornate decorations and colored glass take away from the visual appeal of the wine.

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