Wine Catering Services in Philippines

Yats Wine Cellars specializes in supplying wines to good restaurants, hotels and resorts in the Philippines. At the same time, this wine supplier also offers professional wine catering services to event organizers and party planners interested in a wine theme for their parties and functions.

1994 Domaine de Petit Musset, Montagne St. Emilion from Yats

1994 Domaine de Petit Musset, Montagne St. Emilion from Yats

What is Wine Catering?

Putting is simply, if (food) catering is about outsourcing the service of food for a private gathering, then wine catering is about outsourcing wine component of the event. Very few party hosts want to deal with the hassles involved with food and beverages, preferring to focus on more important things. Leaving the task to the professionals drastically reduces the pressure and anxiety of throwing a party.

Is it more expensive to outsource?

This is one of those myths that the food and beverage industry, inexplicably, never bothered to clarify. If anything at all, it is usually much more cost effective to outsource the wine service. The cost for the set of deliverables that wine caterers offer is, frankly not justifiable for the host. Delivering substandard services is not an acceptable option for today’s party hosts.

Deliverables of Wine Catering

Wine service in a party is not as simple as some inexperienced party planners might think. Even if wine is not the main theme, wine can make or break an event. Requirements become much more stringent when the party is built around a wine tasting concept or a dinner involving wine.

Hardware deliverables of wine catering include the wine of course, the wine glasses which are usually ISO-compliant wine tasting glasses as well as service accessories such as decanters, strainers, aerators and chillers. Tables, chairs and other components in the setup are always handled by the venue.

Wine Tasting in Manila by Yats Wine Cellars

Wine Tasting in Manila by Yats Wine Cellars

On the software side, basic deliverables include coming up with an interesting wine theme for the event, designing the wine list to support that theme, and producing wine notes that are not aimed at teaching participants but to offer some perspectives that will stimulate guests’ interest to taste and talk about the wine. All that plays an important role in creating a memorable experience for your guests.

Wine Service

Experienced event organizers realizes the importance of service, something that can make or, alas frequently, break an event. Service requires a deft touch and in wine it also requires a bit of finesse. Service quality assurance isn’t just about the individual servers but the quality of organizing and planning. Services provided in our Wine Catering program include one or more – depending on the size of the party – wine servers.

Wine Catering in Manila by Yats Wine Cellars

The design of a wine theme is also included; more about wine theme to follow.

Who Will Design a Wine Theme?

Wine themes are necessary when wine is part of the concept of a party. Many parties now advertise a wine theme because that attracts more people to attend. A wine theme is very similar to topics used when holding a wine tasting. It gives the party a little bit more structure and helps guests to make sense of what they are drinking and why those wines were offered.

There are many possible wine themes, too many to enumerate. Popular ones for a relatively novice crowd include (1) a comparison between new- and old-world wines, (2) comparing wines from France, Italy and Spain and (3) five basic styles of wine namely dry red, dry white, sparkling, dessert wine and fortified wine.

If many seasoned wine drinkers are expected to attend the event, then slightly more advanced themes can be considered, for example (1) a comparison of the red wines from France’s five major wine region of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, Languedoc and Loire, (2) Wines from up-and-coming wine regions, and (3) the great white wines.

Here is a wine theme that novices, seasoned wine drinkers and even connoisseurs would find irresistible: a tasting of 4 decades of fine and rare vintages wine. Indeed, the design of a wine theme tailored to the concept and objective of your party/event can be part of the services of our wine catering program.

Burgundy Red wines from Yats Wine Cellars

Burgundy Red wines from Yats Wine Cellars

The Wine Selection

Once upon a time party hosts got away with serving any not very interesting wines and still earned compliments from their guests. Those days are long gone. These days, every other guests walking through the door is a wine critic. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. Party planners ride on intense interest in wine and use wine as the main concept. All they need to do now is to support that concept by offering wines that are interesting.

So what kind of wines is interesting to most wine-drinking guests?

Inexperienced party planners often splurge on expensive bottles and famous labels to impress everybody. There is a better way. An interesting selection of wines frequently achieves better results. One of the time-proven rule of thumb is to avoid serving wines that are not readily available around town. Tasting wines that one has not seen before is almost always more fun and exciting.

How To Order Wine Catering Service?

Although it is really as simple as making a call and writing out a check, experience party planners will advise us to allot ample time for planning and preparation because time is the most critical ingredient for a successful event. Give your wine caterer at least 15 to 30 days to do things properly for your next event. The wine caterer will need a ball-park estimate on the number of guests. If wine catering makes sense to you for your upcoming social or corporate function, just give us a shout and we’ll guide you step by step through the rest.

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Yats Wine Cellars is one restaurant wine supplier that works closely with good restaurants and hotels in Philippines to put together a winning wine concept. Each establishment in the Philippines requires a different and sometimes unique set of services, support and consultancies.

Yats Wine Cellars is also one of the few wine suppliers in the Philippines that devote a great deal of attention and effort to wine education aimed at enabling wine lovers to enhance their knowledge of wine as well as to develop a discerning palate for fine wines. To that end this leading wine supplier in Philippines frequently hold public wine events that are not sponsored by wine producers and not intended to promote a certain brand.

Of special interest to wine shoppers traveling north from Manila to visit friends in Pampanga or golf in Clark Philippines, is a large wine shop located in Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone.

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Yats Wine Cellars started opening small boutique-sized convenience wine shops in major locations of Manila. Through these wine outlets in Manila, Yats Wine Cellars hope to bring interesting selections of fine vintage wines to wine lovers in Manila at attractive prices.

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