Luxury Beer Tasting by Yats in Manila Bonifacio Global City

YATS Wine Cellars is holding a special tasting of luxury vintage beers on Thursday 26th September, 2013 at the launch party of MAGO wine lounge in Fort Bonifacio Global City Manila. This is considered to be the best wine bar in Manila. It is located on the top floor of the newly opened Japanese Steak Restaurant called Magosaburo, one of the best Japanese restaurants in BGC.

Magosaburo is generally regarded as the best Japanese steak restaurant in the Philippines. Yats Wine Cellars design its 120-line wine list and supplies all the wines for this restaurant in Fort Bonifacio Global City in Manila.


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Luxury Vintage Beers from Yats Wine Cellars

Luxury Vintage Beers from Yats Wine Cellars

The Philippines is well known as a country of beer drinkers. In addition to the world-famous San Miquel brand, sophisticated beer drinkers have developed a penchant for other high-quality ales and stouts imported from famous beer producing countries like Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Germany and America. It wasn’t until recently that Manila’s beer aficionados have discovered a whole new class of luxury in the world of beer. Dubbed Champagne beers and also referred to as Vintage beers, these beers are not like the other beers. They are made to improve with age, similar to wine and Vintage Champagne.

YATS Wine Cellars procured a small batch of these beers between 2005 and 2007, set aside in one of its wine cellars to age slowly into maturity. Just like how wines need to be stored, the beers have to be kept in relatively cool temperature in a cellar away from light and physical disturbances.

The Vintage Beers undergo a triple fermentation process. It is “bottle conditioned” to complete its final fermentation after bottling. The slow fermentation enables the beer to pick up flavors that make the beer rich and complex, deep and smooth, and although they taste different from ordinary beers, they are nevertheless very true to form, a beer.

The high alcohol strength (8 to 12%) serves the purpose of preserving the integrity of the beer through years of ageing. A vintage beer is never served too cold. 8-12ºC is the recommended range with the final selection depending on personal preferences and just as importantly the food we choose to enjoy with our vintage beer.

Tonight YATS WINE CELLARS is pleased to present for your sampling pleasures a few selections of carefully aged vintage beers from our wine cellars.

Edition 2005

Edition 2004

Don de Dieu 2005

La Maudite 2005

Vintage 2002 Luxury Beer from YATS Wine Cellars

Matured Vintage beers have been enjoyed with a very wide variety of food, from Japanese to Mexican, Chinese to Thai, burgers to pizzas and spicy Indian to subtle German cuisines. General guideline for food pairing is to watch out for weight matchups, lighter food with lighter styled vintage beers.

Yats Wine Cellars can be contacted at 633-1566 or 0917-540-3626.

Earlier in the year, Yats Wine Cellars entered into a project with Magosaburo forming a long-term partnership that extends well beyond the traditional boundaries of a restaurant-supplier relationship. The owners of this fine establishment are deeply committed to delivering a dining experience befitting a wine-sensitive restaurant of the modern era. Several components of that plan have already taken shape, including a well-balanced 120-line wine list supported by a walk-in wine cellar as well as careful scrutiny in selecting wines that pair well with the delicate Japanese cuisine of this fine restaurant. In progress is an intensive training program to produce a few professionals wine stewards, an investment that not many restaurateurs are willing to undertake.

Magosaburo Restaurant and Wine Lounge is located at 28th Street The Fort Strip, 1630 Taguig City, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila.

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Yats Wine Cellars is one of the wine suppliers that devote a great deal of attention and effort to wine education aimed at enabling wine lovers to enhance their knowledge of wine as well as to develop a discerning palate for fine wines. To that end this leading wine supplier in Philippines frequently hold public wine events that are not sponsored by wine producers and not intended to promote a certain brand.

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