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Wine Seminar in Manila offered by Yats Wine Cellars

Do you want to learn more about wine, to be able to
1. tell the difference between a good and mediocre wine
2. carry on a conversation about wine with friends and business associates
3. order the right wine in a restaurant to go with your meal
4. select wines of good value in a wine shop

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to be wine savvy but it doesn’t hurt to take a few lessons either. Reading volumes of wine books is not really necessary and often counterproductive even. The last thing a new wine enthusiast wants to do is to engage in activities that take the fun out of wine appreciation.

What might do wonders for your cause is to round up a few friends and sign up for group lessons. Group wine lessons are not the same as courses offered in culinary schools because their business is to teach students in such a way that they can get pass examinations and receive certificates. Yats Wine Cellars offers a package for group wine lessons aimed at helping you develop a strong interest in wine through enhancement of your basic knowledge.


Charge: p9,000 for up to 6 persons

Sessions: three sessions, 3 hours each, once a week

Session 1: Introduction to Wine Appreciation

Right from the get-go, we tackle the important question which is on every wine novice’s mind. How to tell the difference between a good wine and an ordinary one? fundamental concepts of wine quality are explained and then standards applied to judge good wine are discussed. All this will be useful when shopping for a good bottle of wine in a wine shop in Manila where we are unlikely to get a great deal of help from the staff at those wine shops.

Session 2: Talking About Wine

This session helps you to become articulate in wine. Being able to carry on a conversation about wine makes the dinner more enjoyable for your friends and yourself also.

Session 3: Selecting Wine to Pair With Food

Pairing wine with food is not totally an exercise of trial and error. Neither should it always be hits and misses. Although the science of food and wine pairing is still at its infancy, there are fundamental guidelines that can help everyone find a wine that will go well with the food ordered.

(Optional) Guided wine tasting after session 3 for an extra charge of p3,000 plus cost of food ordered from the restaurant outlet.

Not included in the package price are venue rental and wine for tasting.

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1995 Brunello di Montalcino from Yats Wine Cellars Clark Philippines

1995 Brunello di Montalcino from Yats Wine Cellars Clark Philippines

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These days, every other table in all the upscale bistros and restaurants in Manila are laced with bottles of fine wine. These dinners are punctuated by conversations about wine. Many people feel left out on the fun when they can’t keep up. Learning a few things about wine gets us back into the wine scene in Manila. It also helps us get more enjoyment out of our wines.

They say that standards breed expectations which are the key to connoisseurship. Practical knowledge in wine helps us to establish those standards that ultimately enable us to derive more pleasures out of drinking wine.

In short, learning more about wine will enable you to enjoy wine more and more. This is a hobby that will give you pleasures for the rest of your life.

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