Pressure is on for Restaurants in Clark Pampanga to improve or close shop

Restaurants in Clark Pampanga scramble to prepare their establishments to face increasingly demanding customers coming not only from Manila but other cities around Asia.

Recent survey a marked increase in level of sophistication among visitors from Manila and tourists arriving in Clark Philippines for business, golf or holidays. Restaurants struggle to meet customer expectations. Some establishments react quickly.

Owners and operators of restaurants in Clark Pampanga, Subic and Angeles City were surprised at the findings in a recent survey report which gave the Philippines’ hospitality industry a glimpse of the landscape of tourism today. In one section of this survey report, it was clear that there has been a substantial increase in the level of sophistication of foreign tourists as well as visitors from Manila.

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Restaurants in Clark Pampanga as well as neighboring cities like Subic, Angeles City and San Fernando appear to react in different ways to this trend. Although most Pampanga restaurants appear to take this seriously some owners are complacent and adopt a wait-and-see attitude. The more successful restaurants in Pampanga have reacted quickly to face this challenge head on, although each restaurant seems to have its own way to deal with it. The common denominator in their approaches seems to be allotting some of their profits to projects aimed at improving their products, services and facilities.

One restaurant in Clark Pampanga at least decided to go back to the basics in search of flaws and weaknesses that had largely been overlooked in the past. This restaurant appears to be taking a longer term approach to re-engineering itself to stay competitive for decades to come.

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Pampanga Clark Freeport Zone is poised to be the preferred destination for foreign investments and tourism. Low crime rate and a generally peaceful ambiance of the city make it conducive to investment projects in retirement and hospitality.

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