Develop a Winning Wine Concept for your Restaurant in Manila

Work with a Special Wine Supplier to Develop a Winning Wine Concept for Your Restaurant in Manila

For many years, restaurants in the Philippines got by without paying much attention to the wine portion of their business. It comes as no surprise that many restaurants in Manila’s dining centers like BGC, Makati, Rockwell and Ortigas actually do not even have a wine concept. That is a pity because these successful restaurants are missing out on a big chunk of their potential revenues. The more progressive restaurant owners in Manila are starting to see this as an excellent opportunity to achieve growth. The only question for them is how to go about establishing a sustainable wine business in their restaurants. One of Philippines’ leading wine suppliers, Yats Wine Cellars has the answer. A special offering was recently unveiled by this wine supplier designed to help these restaurants go to the next level with their wine sales.

In 2013, YATS WINE CELLARS developed a program that will help restaurants to develop a wine concept that will ultimately result in gaining a competitive edge in today’s wine-and-dine market. Here is a synopsis of this wine concept development program.

A wine concept is much more than an impressive wine list and a good selection of wine. The objective of a wine concept is to enhance the business model of a restaurant with a sustainable and profitable wine component of the business. In many ways, developing and implementing a wine concept is similar to opening a new restaurant.

There are five key aspects to this program, namely:

Becoming Attractive to a Target Market of Wine Drinkers
What attract wine-drinking customers to a restaurant are more than a good wine list and some glassware. Issues like policies governing BYO (Bring Your Own) and markup, par-stock policies, market development plans etc. must be part of an integrated business plan. We help restaurants to develop, implement and maintain such a business plan.

Wine selection and Wine List Design

There are far more poorly designed wine lists than there are good and sensible ones. The wine list should help make a statement about the restaurant and cater precisely to a well-defined set of customer demographics. Good wine lists do not have to be huge or laden with expensive labels. We develop restaurant wine lists that are well-balanced, articulate the concept of the restaurant with clarity and precision, and last but not least, well positioned for quick turnover of inventory. Moreover, restaurant wine lists grow stale in a matter of months. Unlike food lovers, wine drinkers demand new and more interesting items on the wine menu. We refresh the restaurant wine list every six months, giving regular customers plenty of reasons to come back frequently.

Designing a Wine Policy

Oddly enough very few restaurants even have a written wine policy for staff to follow. Inconsistencies that ensue from vague policies leave customers wondering just what to expect on a given visit. We help restaurants design and develop a comprehensive wine policy covering pricing, stock replenishment and a set of standard operating procedures of wine.

Skill Development

Design practical skill development training programs and possibly organize cost-effective training courses, not just to increase staff knowledge of wine but more importantly to increase wine sales in the restaurant and customer satisfaction. We help restaurant establish not just initial training but also ongoing skills developments for wine stewards.

Sales and Marketing

Design marketing strategies as well as promotional events designed to attract specifically potential customers in the target market. Nothing is wasted as all resources are spent with precision. We help restaurants to design marketing strategies and design promotional wine events.

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Yats Wine Cellars is one of the wine suppliers that devote a great deal of attention and effort to wine education aimed at enabling wine lovers to enhance their knowledge of wine as well as to develop a discerning palate for fine wines. To that end this leading wine supplier in Philippines frequently hold public wine events that are not sponsored by wine producers and not intended to promote a certain brand.

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Yats Wine Shop at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Ortigas Manila

Yats Wine Cellars started opening small boutique-sized convenience wine shops in major locations of Manila. Through these wine outlets in Manila, Yats Wine Cellars hope to bring interesting selections of fine vintage wines to wine lovers in Manila at attractive prices.

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