Wine Tasting in Manila

Many novice wine drinkers in the Philippines enhance their knowledge in wine by attending Wine tasting in Manila. These wine tasting events are also organized by Yats Wine in Angeles City Pampanga and Clark. In Manila wine tastings are often found, although most of these events are promotional in nature, often sponsored by a wine supplier for the purpose of marketing a certain brand of wines.

Wine Tasting in Manila

Wine Tasting in Manila

Wine lovers in Philippines often prefer to attend non-commercial wine tastings in Manila. They purchase tickets in advance and go there on the day alone or with friends. They also meet new friends during these wine appreciation events in Manila. Without salesmen and marketing speeches to distract them, wine drinkers can relax and enjoy the wine and a bit of conversation with the wine stewards at the service table.

From time to time, wine lovers in the Philippines are treated to wine tastings that feature some old vintage wine. These wines are usually very expensive and only seen in fine dining restaurants in other countries. Once again, these wine tastings in Manila offer excellent opportunities for wine drinkers to sample wines rarely seen in shops.
the tasting.

Enjoying the wine tasting event

Guests can arrive anytime during the event and enjoy the tasting at his/her own pace. Each ticket contains five tasting stubs. Each stub corresponds to a kind of wine. Just approach the wine service station and surrender a stub to redeem it for a tasting pour (roughly 50-55ml) of a wine in that group.

Experienced wine drinkers who have attended more than a few of these wine-tasting events often start with lighter wines and end with the ones that full-bodied. Having a sip of water in between tastings can help cleanse the palate to appreciate different set of flavors of the wines in the next glass.

Many participants also enjoy meeting new friends during these wine-tasting events. Some find it a great pleasure to talk to people with similar interests but different experience in wine. Interesting stories are exchanged and opinions are shared during the tasting.

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