Gift Idea – Birthyear Wine

Manil wine shoppers have discovered one of the most exciting and useful gift idea to commemorate special occassions like birthday and anniversaries. The idea of a birthyear wine which is a wine whose vintage year is same as the year of birth of the recipient has gained popularity in the Philippines since it was introduced by leading Philippines wine distributor and importer Yat Wine Cellars back in 2002.

Today, this wine gift idea has been applied to other special occassions like anniversaries and important corporate years like product launching and many more here in the Philippines.

Wine distributors and wine importers in the Philippines have made back vintages and rare vintage wines available to wine shoppers in Manila, Cebu, Pampanga and even other cities around Asia.

So how do I order a Birthyear wine as a special gift?

Well, that’s quite easy.

Just click here to contact Yats Wine Cellars directly for inquiries and purchases.

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