Wine with Chinese Spring Roll

The combination of underlying crisp acidity and lightness of the fizz makes Champagne the perfect wine to drink with Chinese Spring Rolls. However some of the magic is lost once the Spring Roll cools down and the skin loses a bit of its crispness. Another wine becomes a better pairing when that happens.

Acidity is the most important element in wine when faced with greasy deep-fried food. Tannin and oak on the other hand, are two things to avoid at all costs.

Another aspect to consider is serving temperature. If you like your Spring Rolls sizzling hot, the Champagne will probably perform. Once the food cools down, flavors on the fillings come into play. You might find that a steely Chablis works better, like this 2000 Chablis Lamblin et Fils.

In both cases, the wine doesn’t have to be something too powerful and rich. For the Champagne, a simple NV Brut works nicely, not a Rose or a Vintage. For the white wine, a Village Chablis would do. Other wines that would work nicely include Aligote, Pinot Grigio and a Macon Village.

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