Food and Wine Tasting in Clark Yats Restaurant Friday 23 November 2012 Menu and Wine List

Friday, 23th November, 2012

Flight no. 1:
2002 Gavi Dezzani
Often described by Italian wine drinkers as the Chablis of Italy, Gavi is generally regarded as one of the best and most promising white wines to come out of Italy which remains known predominantly for its red wines, not white.

Food Paired with Gavi Wine: Pan-fried barracuda with cherry tomato salad.

Flight no. 2:
2000 Barbera d’Asti Dezzani Cru “I Ronchetti”
Because it comes with low tannins and high acid, Barbera wines are generally welcome by restaurants and frequent diners as one of the most food-friendly red wines. Barbera hardly ever threatens its food partner, never ever overpowers the flavor or the substance of dish with which it is served. Barbera has remained in the shadows of its more illustrious peers, namely Barbaresco and the great Barolo wines. Yet it is the wine that is more frequently consumed with meals inside the homes of Piedmont.

Food Paired with Barbera Wine: Pasta with tomato-based sauce

The next two flights involve two of Piedmont’s most cherished wines, both made from the same wine grape called Nebbiolo. Often referred to as the B&B of Piedmont, the pair of Barolo and Barbareso wines is arguably the pride and joy of the Italian wine industry.

Flight no. 3:
2007 Barbaresco, Giribaldi

It is a credit to Barbaresco that it has managed to survive the heavy weight cast upon it by its superstar neighbor, the Barolo. Made from exactly the same grape called Nebbiolo in vineyards situated not that far from each other, near Alba. Barbaresco charms wine lovers with its elegance and grace. It is approachable when young but when enjoyed in its maturity, Barbaresco can be complex and quite intriguing, a quality shared by all great wines of the world.

Food Paired with Barbaresco Wine: Mushroom Risotto

Flight no. 4:
2008 Barolo, Giribaldi
Proclaimed as the king of wines and wine for kings, the Barolo is not shy with its claims or its demeanor as a full-bodied and often very robust and strong-willed red wine. These are among the sturdiest of red wines capable of ageing and improving over many decades. These are among the most expensive and most sought after of Italian wines.

Food Paired with Barolo Wine: Brasato al Barolo

Many participants also enjoy meeting new friends during these wine-tasting events. Some find it a great pleasure to talk to people with similar interests but different experiences in wine. Interesting stories are exchanged and opinions are shared during the tasting.

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