Sparkling Wine Tasting Seminar in Manila BGC by Yats Wine Cellars

  • A special wine tasting seminar will be held jointly by Yats Wine Cellars and the leading Japanese Restaurant in Manila, Magosaburo on Friday 22nd November, 2013 in the elegant MAGO Wine Lounge located on the top floor of the restaurant located in Bonifacio Global City.

    This wine tasting seminar is one of the wine educational activities offered jointly by Yats Wine Cellars and Magosaboru Restaurant for the benefit of Manila’s growing population of wine lovers, many of whom are keen to expand the horizons of their wine tasting experiences as well as to increase their knowledge and experience with wine.

    Titled Sparkling Wines Beyond the Gates of Champagne, the event starts promptly at 5pm on Friday 22nd November, 2013. Dress code is smart casual business attire. This event is sponsored by Magosaburo Restaurant so admission is free.

    Maximum capacity for this wine tasting seminar is 15 and registration is by invitation and prior confirmation only. To place yourself on the invitation list for this Sparkling Wine Tasting Seminar,

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    Wine Tasting Seminar

    Sparkling Wine Beyond the Gates of Champagne


    It is ironical that Champagne is among the least understood types of wines despite the fact it is the probably the most famous and certainly one of the most popular wines in the world throughout history. Things get even vaguer when one exits the city limits of Champagne to explore the many fine Sparkling wines elsewhere in France, Italy and Spain. In fact, sparklers are produced practically everywhere that dry wine is produced, from California to Chile, Argentina to Australia, Germany to India.

    This event starts off with a 45-minute review on various aspects of sparkling wine, including how it is produced, the different styles that many of us are likely to encounter and other topics that will help us to appreciate sparkling wine.

    This is followed by a 30 minute tasting of sparkling wines from four different regions, namely Burgundy France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. There is nothing like a comparative tasting that helps us understand and appreciate the differences in wines.

    Cremant de Bourgogne from Philippines’ leading wine supplier of high quality wine

    Sparkling Wines Served for TastingThe following sparkling wines will be served:

    • Crèmant de Bourgogne, Lupè Cholet
    • Cava Artelatino
    • Portugal DOC Bairrada Sparkling Wine
    • Prosecco Brut, Italy

    All wines are sponsored by Yats Wine Cellars for this wine tasting event.

    Just click here to inform Yats Wine Cellars of your interest to be invited to attend this Sparkling Wine Tasting Seminar.

    Earlier in the year, Yats Wine Cellars entered into a project with Magosaburo forming a long-term partnership that extends well beyond the traditional boundaries of a restaurant-supplier relationship. The owners of this fine establishment are deeply committed to delivering a dining experience befitting a wine-sensitive restaurant of the modern era.

    Leading Japanese Restaurant in BGC Manila MAGOSABURO

    Several components of that plan have already taken shape, including a well-balanced 120-line wine list supported by a walk-in wine cellar as well as careful scrutiny in selecting wines that pair well with the delicate Japanese cuisine of this fine restaurant. In progress is an intensive training program to produce a few professionals wine stewards, an investment that not many restaurateurs are willing to undertake.Magosaburo Restaurant and Wine Lounge is located at 28th Street The Fort Strip, 1630 Taguig City.

    Yats Wine Cellars is one of the wine suppliers that devote a great deal of attention and effort to wine education aimed at enabling wine lovers to enhance their knowledge of wine as well as to develop a discerning palate for fine wines. To that end this leading wine supplier in Philippines frequently hold public wine events that are not sponsored by wine producers and not intended to promote a certain brand.

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