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Germany, Alsace and Austria
Germany, Alsace and Austria
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Yats Wine Cellars offer s small but carefully selected line-up of splendid white wines from Germany, Alsace and Austria. The unctuous sweet dessert wines from these classic European wine regions are listed in the aisle of Sweet wine so only the dry and semi-dry whites are listed here. White wines of Germany are expected to be light bodied with low alcohol levels. In sharp contrast, the wines of Alsace and Austria are dry, rich and full. While Germany and Alsace are famous for their very different renditions of Riesling and Gewurztraminer, Austria achieved world-wide attention with its Grüner Veltliner, a grape that can produce full-throttle wines with high alcohol levels. Please note that prices do not include VAT.

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    Wine Description+   Vintage   Price*   SKU 
 Bischoffinger, Chardonnay   Bischoffinger, Chardonnay 
 1995   2,900   P1-181-1995-R 
 Braunenberger Klostegarten, Riesling Spätlese, Wenbersand   Braunenberger Klostegarten, Riesling Spätlese, Wenbersand  
 1988   2,900   P1-187-1988-R 
 Braunenberger Mandelgraben Kerner, Spätlese, Germany   Braunenberger Mandelgraben Kerner, Spätlese, Germany  
 1987   3,500   P1-184-1987-R 
 Freinscheimer Rosenbuhl   Freinscheimer Rosenbuhl  
 1978   3,900   P1-211-1978-R 
 GH VON MUMM Riesling Classic   GH VON MUMM Riesling Classic 
 2007   2,200   P1-453-2007-R 
 Kallstadter Kabinert, Spätlese, Furstenbergerhof-Kellereien   Kallstadter Kabinert, Spätlese, Furstenbergerhof-Kellereien 
 1978   3,500   P1-232-1978-R 
 Kallstadter Kobnert, Spätlese   Kallstadter Kobnert, Spätlese  
 1973   6,500   P1-229-1973-R 
 Kellermeister Privat, Kremser Goldberg, Kabinett-Trochen   Kellermeister Privat, Kremser Goldberg, Kabinett-Trochen 
 1986   2,200   P1-241-1986-R 
 Klusserather St. Michael, Mosel Saar Ruwer, Rudolf Muller   Klusserather St. Michael, Mosel Saar Ruwer, Rudolf Muller 
 1973   3,300   P1-247-1973-R 
 last Updated 15Apr30   last Updated 15Apr30 
 2014   NA   Z1-111-2014-R 
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*Prices do not include VAT