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We understand that it can be difficult to know exactly how many persons will attend so for now, perhaps we would work with an estimation.


Some information about those that you plan to invite to attend this wine event would go a long way to helping us come up with a suitable theme for your consideration.   It also helps us to determine the level of sophistication in the wine selection for your event as well as the quantity of wine required to satisfy your guests.  We fully realize that not some participants will be more advanced than others in terms of their wine appreciation.  The same can also be said about levels of expectations of your guests.  So for now, perhaps we can focus on the majority of the participants.

Hotels and restaurants are not the only choices of venues for a private wine appreciation event.  Some of the most successful private wine tasting parties were actually held in the comfort and convenience in a private house, a private function room in the clubhouse someone’s residential compound or even around the swimming pool of someone’s condominium.   What is important is that a venue be selected and reserved well in advance so that the particulars of the site can be factored into design and setup of the event. 

Except for events that feature food and wine pairing, the typical wine tasting event is not expected to come with gourmet food accompaniments.   That said, it is important that the food does not get in the way of wine appreciation.   Spicy food with intense and lasting flavors often affect the palates in such a way that it becomes difficult for guests to appreciate the finer qualities of the best wines offered for tasting.   Please share with us what you have in mind in terms of food to be served to your guests.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to share with us what you have in mind for this private wine event.  The information we received from you will help us a great deal in coming up with a plan to help make your wine event a memorable experience for your guests.  We will be in touch with you immediately after we have digested the information and come up with an interesting proposal for your review.

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