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Simple logic dictates to wine lovers the perfect sense of cellaring a few cases of modest but excellent-value Bordeaux from the greatest vintages. At less than 2000 a bottle, are there any valid arguments against doing so?

Probably none, but yet wine lovers in the Philippines continue to procrastinate, only to lament loss opportunities down the road as they watch some of their more astute wine-collecting friends flaunt cases of these irresistible bottles at dinner gatherings. I talked about the 2005 Chateau Meyre, a Bourgeois Haut-Medoc, and then the 2010 Chateau Le Monge, and a number of other stuff in between. Now here we have this one in my home wine preserving dispenser, a 2009 Chateau Fonesche from Medoc. There isn’t much of a need to describe the wine. They are all the same more or less, these Petits Chateaux from the best years when no one, not even the humble artisans, can do much wrong. Despite the fact that I have a full case of these at my disposal, I still can’t help but spread a bottle of pleasure over 3 rather quick-passing days, kept fresh and vigorous in the wine preserving home/office dispenser. It is about “drink less, drink better”, you see.

2011 to 2014 had not rewarded us with much to talk and write about. 2015 might be the watershed year in France; let’s see. While we wait, I am opening my healthy stash of 2009 and 2010. How about you? What are you opening now? Put it away and grab a Petits Chateaux from 2010, 2009, 2005 or 2000. Life’s short, or haven’t you heard?

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Yats Wine Shop at Oakwood Premier Hotel in Ortigas Manila

Yats Wine Cellars started opening small boutique-sized convenience wine shops in major locations of Manila. Through these wine outlets in Manila, Yats Wine Cellars hope to bring interesting selections of fine vintage wines to wine lovers in Manila at attractive prices.