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2010 Naked Grape Pinot Grigio from California for just php890 marked down from php1,400, probably one of the best values for aromatic and refreshing white wine in this price bracket. This California white wine is also very easy to pair with different kinds of food also.


Fans of white wines and wine lovers who drink only Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay might be missing out on one of the most popular white wine grapes in the world – Pinot Grigio. This wine grape is well known and very popular in Italy and other parts of Europe.
Not so long ago, almost every customer sitting on a high stool in front of a bar counter or on a sofa in a wine lounge would be ordering a glass of Chardonnay. Then Manila wine lovers grew tired of Chardonnays and threw themselves at Sauvignon Blanc for its refreshing acidity. While all that was going on, quite a number of seasoned wine drinkers in the Philippines have been ordering Pinot Grigio instead.

Pinot Grigio white wine can come from a number of countries and wine regions, most notably Italy and Alsace. New-world wine regions like Argentina, New Zealand and California have climbed on the bandwagon and produced some rather attractive Pinot Grigio white wines also. This 2010 Naked Grape Pinot Grigio appeals a lot to Manila wine drinkers looking for a good white wine to enjoy with their lunches or dinners.

Some Philippines wine drinkers may not be extremely familiar with Pinot Grogio. In general, Pinot Grigio is a white wine that is light, crisp and delicate. Seasoned wine drinkers like this white wine for its refreshing qualities. It is no accident that Pinot Grigio is one of the all-time favorite drinks in wine bars and restaurants. For those looking for a good white wine to enjoy with a light lunch comprised of salad, sandwiches or cold cuts, there are not many better options that a nice glass of slightly chilled Pinot Grigio white wine.

2010 Naked Grape Pinot Grigio white wine from California is offered now at a discounted price of php890 a bottle, available at Clark Wine Center and other wine outlets of Yats Wine Cellars in Manila.

Only a small number of bottles are offered at this discounted price, so wine shoppers who have a penchant for excellent white wine at attractive prices are well advised to grab a few bottles while stock lasts.

Because of its newfound popularity especially among new wine drinkers, prices for good Pinot Grigio wines have increased quite a lot in the past 20 years. Although these attractive white wines still represent good value for money, wine shoppers have to look a little harder for bargains. This 2010 Naked Grape Pinot Grigio will surely turn a few heads among the wine lovers in Manila, Cebu and Pampanga. The introductory price tag will make it easier for non-believers to give it a try also.

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Famous labels and expensive brands of fine wines are available everywhere in Manila but there is only one wine supplier in the Philippines that offers vintages wines from France, Italy and Spain dating back several decades.

Yats Wine Cellars is known among Asian wine lovers as a good source for well-priced vintage wines from all the major wine regions of the world. What makes shopping at Yats a lot of fun is the fact that we offer not only the familiar labels and expensive trophy wines but also lesser known but really interesting vintage wines of excellent value sought after by connoisseurs and beginners alike.

In addition to wines from recent stellar vintages, this wine importer in the Philippines offers a very large selection of 20- to 40-year-old matured bottles that are sought after by connoisseurs and seasoned wine drinkers in Asia. This is one of the interesting wine stories in the Philippines. Some of these wines are available through boutique wine shops in Ortigas and Fort Global City in Manila. Others can be ordered from their wine shops in Manila and Pampanga or the main sales office in Ortigas for delivery within Metro Manila or shipped to other parts of the Philippines.

Yats Wine Cellars is a wine distributor in the Philippines that caters to the growing population of discerning wine lovers. Wine shoppers looking for good wine shops where they can buy wine in Manila, Pampanga, Cebu or other major cities in Philippines are pleased to find a large selection of vintage wines and lesser-known labels and appellations also.

The vintage wines of Yats Wine Cellars are often purchased as gifts. One popular birthday gift idea is a “birth year wine”, a wine with a vintage year same as the year of birth of the recipient. Yats Wine Cellars carries wines dating back 100 years and offers advice on what types of wines from what regions are best for each year in the past. Special vintage cards covering older vintages are also available.

Yats Wine Cellars is one of the wine suppliers that devote a great deal of attention and effort to wine education aimed at enabling wine lovers to enhance their knowledge of wine as well as to develop a discerning palate for fine wines. To that end this leading wine supplier in Philippines frequently hold public wine events that are not sponsored by wine producers and not intended to promote a certain brand.

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Yats Wine Cellars
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Metro Manila, Philippines 1605

Tel: (632) 637-5019 0917-520-4393 0926-686-5955
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Wine Shop, Cellars and Warehouse in Pampanga
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Bldg 6460 Clark Observatory Building
Manuel A. Roxas Highway corner A Bonifacio Ave,
Clark Field, Clark Air Base,
Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, Philippines 2023

Tel: 0917-826-8790 (045) 599-5600 0922-870-5173
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FACEBOOK: The Facebook account of Yats Wine Cellars, called Yats.Wine is a media with which the professionals at Yats as well as fellow wine professionals in the trade throughout the world will share with our friends and wine hobbyists in the Philippines knowledge, findings, experiences, tasting notes, insights and opinions about wine, food-wine pairing and news about wine.

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Yats Wine Cellars started opening small boutique-sized convenience wine shops in major locations of Manila. Through these wine outlets in Manila, Yats Wine Cellars hope to bring interesting selections of fine vintage wines to wine lovers in Manila at attractive prices.

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Although there are plenty of good restaurants in Manila as well as a growing number of gastro pubs mostly in the Fort Bonifacio Global city and Makati areas, food and wine lovers travel out of town north of Manila to wine and dine in Clark Air Base which is now called Clark Freeport Zone of Pampanga.
Ranked as the top restaurant in Pampanga, Yats Restaurant and Wine Lounge not only offers good food, excellent wine selection and attentive service, it is also one of the restaurants in Pampanga that is great for group dinners, business entertaining and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries also. Semi-private and private rooms are available for groups of 5 to 50 here in this fine dining restaurant in Clark.

Elegant and cozy dining at Grill Room of Yats Restaurant in Clark Pampanga

Yats Restaurant is one of the restaurants in Clark Air Base that is well known to residents of Angeles City, Subic, Manila, Tarlac and Clark Philippines as a good place to eat in Pampanga. Recently, event organizers and corporate planning departments have discovered that this famous restaurant in Clark Pampanga is also a very good venue for group dinners and corporate functions, not to mention parties and celebrations for other special occasions outside of Manila in North Luzon.

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Private dinners can be accommodated in this famous restaurant located in Mimosa, at the heart of Pampanga Clark Freeport. Private rooms suitable for 4 to 24 can be reserved in advance at this impressive restaurant in Pampanga for company and personal functions and events in Clark. This fine dining restaurant in Pampanga is a very popular event venue for small wedding receptions, social events, company board meetings and annual parties. Even companies from Manila travel to Pampanga to hold their functions and events in this well known fine dining restaurant in Pampanga.

Besides good and impressive restaurants to wine and dine near Manila, Subic or in Angeles City Pampanga, Clark Philippines, those requiring assistance for hotel and resort bookings in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines may log on to for more information and reservations.

Lodging in Clearwater Resort by the Lake

Clark Pampanga is not only frequently visited for its good restaurants and fine dining establishments, it is also a highly recommended wedding destination especially for couples looking for outdoor garden reception venues and beach weddings. For assistance and information on wedding venues and how to organize a wedding reception, log on to

Yats Leisure Philippines

Those visitors who plan to relax and unwind in Angeles City, Subic, Pampanga, Clark Philippines might make an effort to book a room at the famous beach and lake resort Clearwater Resort and Country Club. This famous hotel in Clark Pampanga is frequently visited by families with children looking for a good place in Clark to see, a good holiday destination for the family to relax and unwind in the beautiful outdoor facilities. For more information, log on to

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