Asia´s Best Source for Fine Vintage Wine
Cordially Inviting You to Drink Less, Drink Better.

Manila, Angeles City, Clark Freeport, North of Manila,
Clark Zone, Pampanga, Philippines
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Yats Wine Cellars was conceived during in the late 1980s when the wine craze swept through Asia replacing Cognac, beer and Scotch as society’s beverage of choice. Deciding very early on that Yats Wine Cellars will concentrate its efforts to meet the demand of wine enthusiasts and wine collectors for fine vintage wines, a fundamental policy was etched in stone and embedded into our mission. Yats Wine Cellars was ever since to properly cellar and age its fine vintage wine only to be released at its prime for optimal enjoyment for wine lovers, novices or connoisseurs. It wasn’t much later that the motto “drink less, drink better” was born and to this date still faithfully adhered to.

Aside from selling fine vintage wine and related merchandize that enhances our clients’ enjoyment of fine wine, Yats Wine Cellars also devotes a great deal of effort into helping wine lovers in the Philippines to enrich their knowledge of wine. Here at Yats, we believe that knowledge is necessary for a wine enthusiast to develop proper expectations upon which more pleasures can then be derived out of enjoying fine vintage wine.

Although based in the Philippines with most of its wine and cellaring facilities located in Clark Freeport Zone just 80 minutes from Manila, Yats Wine Cellars reaches out to wine lovers throughout Asia and the rest of the world. Although Yats Wine Cellars is a profit-seeking commercial enterprise, we do not lose sight of the need to deliver value to our wine clients not only in terms of wine offerings but also in information and activities that increases the pleasure of a rich wine lifestyle.