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Manila, Angeles City, Clark Freeport, North of Manila,
Clark Zone, Pampanga, Philippines
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Cuban Cigars

A good selection of Cuban cigars are available at the wine shops, wine bars, restaurants of Yats Wine Cellars in Manila, Subic, Angeles City and Clark Philippines. These fine Cuban cigars are made available in these outlets for the convenience of the regular clients of Yat’s wine shops in Manila, Angeles, Subic and Clark Philippines. You are welcome to email us at if Yats Wine Cellars failed to offer your favorite cigars. We may not be able to get that Cuban cigar right away but we will certainly give it our best try.

Cigar accessories like cutters and ashtrays are also available for your shopping convenience. To enjoy a nice evening of Cuban cigars with a nice glass of Armagnac, Single Malt or luxury Vodka, try the wine bar Magnum Room at Yats Restaurant in Mimosa Clark Freeport Zone just 80 minutes from Manila Philippines.

A selection of some of the finest cigars in the world is available in The London Pub for the convenience of the local aficionados and visiting tourists. The verandah has been the favorite place to light up a good Cuban over a sniffer of Armagnac. This is after all, the good life, something one should be entitled to expect from a place like Clark Philippines.

Imported Cuban-Cigars:
Romeo y Julieta length 2 900

Monte Cristo Habana

1, 000
H.Upmann Habana 1, 000
Cohiba (Siglo 3) 2,200
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